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Volume 24(1), Spring 2014

This time in EJCAP Online:


Dear friends and colleagues,


Welcome back to EJCAP online! This time I send you my greetings from Helsinki, where the FECAVA delegates of 38 European member countries met early March. As in other areas of Europe, it was too warm for the time of the in year: although the harbour was frozen over, there was hardly any snow.

Good news from Helsinki: at the Council meeting, the national companion animal veterinary association of Georgia was welcomed as a new member of our European family. ჩვენ მივესალმებით ჩვენი კოლეგების!

Also new is a travel bursary, created by FECAVA with the support of Laboklin, allowing colleagues to organise exchange visits with another clinic in Europe. More details can be found on the FECAVA news page.

This issue also offers some top-quality interactive papers from European specialists, including the two FECAVA lectures presented at the EuroCongress in Dublin by Jens Häggström (congestive heart failure therapy) and Laura Blackwood (mast cell tumours).

Finally, you can learn about parrot plumage disorders, novel epilepsy treatment, anaesthetic arthrography and much, much more.

Enjoy and see you next time on EJCAP online…or elsewhere in Europe!


Monique Megens


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An update on meningoencephalomyelitis of unknown aetiology in dogs

Anaesthetic arthrography of the

shoulder joint in dogs


Mammary lumps: the impact of spaying

Effect of ovariohysterectomy at the time of tumour removal in dogs with benign mammary tumours and hyperplastic lesions: a randomised controlled clinical trial

Treating epilepsy in dogs

Medical treatment of canine seizures – a review

Faulty feathers

Plumage disorders in psittacine birds – part 1: feather abnormalities

Mast Cell Tumour Advances

Advances in the therapy of congestive

heart failure