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Volume 24(1), Spring 2014

Global and

European News

Romania: stray dogs

The stray dog population in Romania is estimated at 1.2 million, according to Liviu Harbuz, speaking at the November FVE general assembly, which has led to an increased risk of rabies and other zoonoses. In September, a 4-year-old boy died following a dog attack. Although Romania has had specific legislation to contain stray dogs since 2002, this has so far failed to solve the problem. A fatal bite incident involving a pack of stray dogs in September led to new legislation which includes identification and registration but also the mandatory neutering of all common-breed (non pedigree) dogs. Captured stray dogs that are not claimed or adopted after 14 days at shelter will be euthanased.

The discussion that followed showed that there are still many open questions. ‘Euthanasia of should always be a last-resort decision, and should never be undertaken lightly,’ FVE president Christophe Buhot commented. ‘Furthermore, it is not an effective long-term solution.’


European Parliament

In December 2013 a delegation of the European Parliament visited Romania to meet with officials and the Mayor of Bucharest, who assured them that the law on dog management focused on "adoption”, not "euthanasia" and that the public shelters were totally transparent and complying with the law. However, when the delegation returned to Romania in January, they found a major discrepancy between these assurances and the actual situation.

Janusz Wojciechowski MEP has now written to the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta , urging him to have the law reviewed as it is ‘ineffective and contra-productive’. In particular the number of homeless dogs should be reduced through a system of sterilization, adoption, and only as a last resort to humanely euthanised, he said.


Identification of stray dogs

New legislation to tackle outbreaks of animal diseases in the EU was adopted by the European Parliament’s agriculture committee on 11 February.

Member states should set up mandatory registration schemes for stray animals, which are often responsible for transmitting animal diseases, by January 2018, say MEPs. They also suggest that the Commission could table a proposal concerning electronic databases for stray dogs throughout the EU by 31 July 2019.


WVD 2014: animal welfare

This year's theme of the World Veterinary Day Award is animal welfare. World Veterinary Day

was instigated by the World Veterinary Association (WVA) in

2000 and is celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April. ...

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Puppy trade


‘Puppy Trade in Europe: A lack of

traceability, threat to the European

Market and Public Health’ was the

title of a lunch debate organized

in Brussels by Vier Pfoten/Four

Paws International, last November.

Over 50 participants attended the


While meeting participants agreed

that an EU-wide traceability

system of all animals was needed,

the current system makes traceability impossible due to different transponders being used and incoherence between the requirements of TRACES (pet passport number) and that of the Health Certificate (transponder number) required by the EU Regulation on the commercial movement of Pet Animals

Although an EU-wide identification and registration system is feasible, rules on identification and registration of pets will not be included the upcoming EU Regulation on Animal Health. However, they may be integrated in other EU legislation. ...

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AMR: EU health professionals

join forces


“Keep yourself and your

loved ones in good

health” is the slogan

of a press release issued

by European health

professionals – doctors,

dentists and veterinarians

– who have joined their

forces against antibiotic

resistance. It is the

responsibility of each one

of us to follow some

simple sanitary rules,

according to the press

release, issued early February. ...

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