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Volume 26(3), Autumn 2016

Vet App reviews

Below you’ll find a selection of emergency apps available for the companion animal practitioner. If you have a favourite app you would like to share with us or if you have developed one yourself, send a message to the Editor.

Preference will be give to practical veterinary apps that can be used by vets throughout Europe.


The Small Animal Coma Scale is designed to aid clinicians in assessing head trauma severity and to collect data on head traumas around the world. The patient can be scored at the cage side and a prognosis will be given. The information is then submitted to a database so the case can be followed up and used for future studies. SACS was developed by researchers at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

By: Andy Shores, Simon Platt and Kyle Johnsen

For: Veterinary practitioners

Advantages: helps determine outcome of patients with head trauma while contributing to a multi-centre study

Inconveniences: -

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

The Small Animal Coma Scale

Veterinary Emergency Medicine Emergency medicine can be busy and stressful with sometimes many seriously ill or injured patients. You need the convenience of quick reliable information; what is more convenient than your phone in your pocket or your iPad? This is where the KIMBA Veterinary Emergency Medicine Small Animal app comes in: Drug dose calculators, fluid therapy calculators, sections on transfusion medicine, neonates, reference data etc.

By: Shailen Jasani

For: companion animal veterinarians, students and nurses/techs

Advantages: Got an emergency? Relax, you’ve got it covered!

Inconveniences: not available on android devices

Platform: iOS

Cost: £14,99 / €19,99

Veterinary Emergency Medicine

By: Royal Veterinary College

For: Owners of epileptic pets and their vet

Advantages: allows best possible epileptic management

Inconveniences: primarily for a UK audience (initially)

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: free


RVC Epilepsy tracker provides owners of epileptic pets with a convenient free tool to actively participate in the medical management of their pet. The app includes a seizure log and a medication log as well as medication reminders, an export and sharing function as well as educational material on epilepsy, practical advice on what to do when a seizure strikes and good medication practice.

RVC Epilepsy tracker