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Volume 26(3), Autumn 2016

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An autumnal welcome to our special EJCAP edition about Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care!


Veterinary ECC is a relatively new but increasingly important medical speciality. It is often said that its roots in human medicine can be traced back to the Victorian English nurse, Florence Nightingale.


In recent years, this topic has seen a tremendous increase of interest and awareness by veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and pet owners alike. The advances and developments in veterinary science enable us as veterinarians to offer ever better critical care and treatment options to our patients, with resultant improved outcomes in emergency situations.


I would like to thank those authors who have willingly contributed their papers to share their knowledge. The various articles on this subject will give an insight into some of the issues and alternative options to consider when dealing with emergencies and critical care patients, and will also present and discuss some typical emergency scenarios we face in daily practice.


Our authors come from a variety of European countries, from different backgrounds, working in hospitals at Veterinary Universities or in private veterinary clinics.


I do hope that veterinarians and veterinary nurses alike will enjoy reading this special edition.





Krista Arnold (UK)

Guest editor


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