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Volume 26(2), Summer 2016

Vet App reviews

Below you’ll find a selection of apps available for the companion animal practitioner. If you have a favourite app you would like to share with us or if you have developed one yourself, send a message to the Editor.

Preference will be give to practical veterinary apps that can be used by vets throughout Europe.

Veterinary Board Games is the brainchild of three veterinarians, James Montgomery, Etienne Côté, and Julia Montgomery, who feel that enjoyment and preparing for (US) veterinary licensing board exams need not be mutually exclusive. Its starter app contains 60 Volume 1 self-assessment questions, answers and references.

By: James Montgomery, Etienne Côté and Julia Montgomery

For: Veterinary students (and practitioners who like games like Trivial pursuit!)

Advantages: No internet connection is required once the app is downloaded

Inconveniences: Some questions are more suited towards the North-American situation

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: $4,99/€3,69 ($6.99 with Veterinary Mindreader Game App)

Veterinary Board Games

By: Guilherme Caldas

For: veterinary students and practitioners

Advantages: quick reference

Inconveniences: -

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: $9,99 (€8,92)

Vet Blood Test Guide provides reference values and differential diagnosis for blood tests used in cats and dogs. Help with the interpretation of haematology values, nutrients and metabolites, enzymes, electrolytes, metals and hormones.

Vet Blood

Test Guide

By: Stijn Niessen, Royal Veterinary College

For: Owners of diabetic pets and their vets

Advantages: allows best possible diabetes management

Inconveniences: -

Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: free


RVC Pet Diabetes provides owners of diabetic pets with a convenient free tool to actively participate in the medical management of their pet. The Diabetes Log feature of the app allows users to record, and easily share with their veterinarian, all parameters that are essential to pet diabetes management (weight, appetite, thirst and urination changes, as well as urine and blood sugar values in case of home glucose testing).

RVC Pet Diabetes