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Volume 26(2), Summer 2016

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Health screening to identify opportunities to improve preventive medicine in cats and dogs

by Marianne Diez, Philippe Picavet, Rebecca Ricci, Marjorie Dequenne, Marcel Renard, Alexandre Bongartz and Frédéric Farnir

Health check form


The health check form in the study contained three parts. The first part recorded owner details: name and address, animal description and questions about diet, housing, travel, vaccination, means of identification, ...

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Objectives: To describe the results of a prevention campaign in terms of participation and pet health status and to identify opportunities to improve preventive medicine in cats and dogs.

Methods: An awareness campaign was designed to highlight the role of veterinarians and emphasise the benefits of a veterinary visit. Owners were invited to make an appointment for a free pet health check in a voluntarily participating veterinary clinic. Observations recorded by the veterinarians were entered in a database and subsequently analysed using simple descriptive statistics....

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1. Obesity, 2. calculus


Obesity, dental calculus and otitis externa were the top three most common disorders reported in dogs. For cats, the top three were obesity, dental calculus and gingivitis. ...

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WSAVA nutritional guidelines

The Global Nutrition Committee of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) published global nutrition ...

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We can do better!


One of the most interesting findings shows that a large proportion of pets receiving veterinary care received little preventive care. The proportion of unvaccinated animals was high ...

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