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Volume 26(2), Summer 2016

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Outcome of pyometra in female dogs and predictors of peritonitis and prolonged postoperative hospitalization in surgically treated cases

by Supranee Jitpean, Bodil Ström-Holst, Ulf Emanuelson, Odd V Höglund, Ann Pettersson, Caroline Alneryd-Bull and Ragnvi Hagman

Prolonged hospitalisation


Moderate to severe depression and pale mucous membranes in dogs with pyometra were associated with increased risk of prolonged postoperative hospitalization.

Common complications


Overall, the most common signs of disease, present in >50% of the bitches, included vaginal discharge, anorexia, depression, ...

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Prognostic risk


Fever or hypothermia, present in merely a third of the pyometra cases, was associated with a three-fold increased risk of peritonitis, indicating a prognostic value for this variable.

Background: One of the most common diseases in intact bitches is pyometra– a potentially life-threatening disease associated with a variety of clinical and laboratory findings. The aims of the present study were to describe complications of the disease and to investigate clinically useful indicators associated with peritonitis and/or prolonged postoperative hospitalization. ...

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Biomarker: leukopenia


A striking result of the study was that leukopenia was associated with a 3.5-fold increased risk of having prolonged hospitalization compared ...

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