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Volume 26(2), Summer 2016

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Heart murmurs in pups:

when should I be worried?

Innocent Cardiac Murmur in Puppies: Prevalence, Correlation with Haematocrit and Auscultation Characteristics

by Viktor Szatmári, Martin W. van Leeuwen and Erik Teske

Physiologic anaemia contributes to the genesis of innocent murmurs in puppies. Rising haematocrit in growing puppies can explain the spontaneous disappearance of ...

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Prevalence of innocent murmurs


Physiologic murmur can be expected in

15–25% in clinically healthy puppies

brought for the first veterinary control.


What does it sound like?


Cardiac auscultation is routinely performed on each pup on the first and subsequent veterinary health checks, to detect murmurs. Although a cardiac murmur may be indicative of a congenital cardiac anomaly, a murmur may be present with no underlying heart disease, usually called an innocent murmur.


Click on the recording to hear an

innocent cardiac murmur in a

healthy 2-month-old Cairn

terrier pup.


(with thanks to Viktor Szatmári).


Background: The aims of this study were to establish the prevalence of innocent cardiac murmurs in clinically healthy puppies, to investigate a possible correlation between the presence of an innocent murmur and haematocrit, and to describe the auscultation characteristics of innocent murmurs. ...

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