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Volume 26(2), Summer 2016

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Time, often referred to as the fourth dimension, is quite often the subject of animated informal discussions and detailed consideration.

Time pressure causes people stress and sometimes frustration but it is necessary to make progress and for things to happen. For example, anaesthetists understand how significantly time can affect the patient’s condition during a surgical procedure. The organisers of the FECAVA EuroCongress in Vienna have used time perfectly to prepare and this event is now ready to start.

Time wasted can never be regained but only with time can we expect healing, recovery and the results of rehabilitation and progress. FECAVA is preparing projects to address within its working groups, which reflect things happening now within our profession. The welfare of our patients, the rabies situation, puppy trade and the availability of medicines via the internet require action on the one hand, but also thorough and time-consuming consideration and preparation to provide satisfactory results.

Europe faces great challenges and the veterinary profession must participate in them - an interesting time! We can now appreciate changes that have happened in recent decades and it is very interesting and hopefully exciting to consider what time will bring in the near future.

And finally - the time has arrived for another EJCAP issue full of interesting articles, inviting all practitioners to enjoy its content.


Jerzy Gawor

FECAVA President





Jerzy Gawor

FECAVA President


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