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Volume 26(1), Spring 2016

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Healing hands

Orthomanual therapy as treatment for suspected thoracolumbar disc disease in dogs

Healing hands


Veterinary orthomanual therapy combined with cage rest seems to be effective in treating thoracolumbar intervertebral disc disease and might be considered an acceptable form of non-surgical treatment.



The focus of orthomanual medicine is on normal positions of components of the skeleton and symmetry in the spine.

Notable improvement


In this study, the clinical

value of veterinary

orthomanual therapy was

retrospectively analyzed

in a population of 261

dachshunds with

suspected ...


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by Dorit C. Aharon, Jacha Heukels, Rosanne Buntsma


Spot the difference


Normal alignment of the vertebral column (upper illustration) and slight dorsal dislocation (lower illustration). The caudal side of the animal is on the right in the figure.

According to the principles of veterinary orthomanual medicine, vertebral misalignments are associated with intervertebral disc disease in dogs. Manual correction of these vertebral misalignments are presumed to contribute to successful recovery. The objective of this retrospective study was to evaluate the effects of veterinary orthomanual therapy (VOT) in 261 dachshunds with suspected thoracolumbar intervertebral disc disease (TLDD). Effect of treatment was assessed using a retrograde neurological status classification.

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