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Volume 26(1), Spring 2016

FECAVA Symposium*

Eradicating rabies

Are we doing enough and how can vets help?

Rabies surveillance, stray dogs and disease control


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The 3 steps of rabies control

by Luke Gamble

Rabies - what does it look like?

Rabies cases are not always easy to spot. This video by Mission Rabies shows a few rabies cases with altered behaviour.


Mission rabies


This short video shows the devastating impact of rabies – and how Mission rabies aims to eradicate it by 2030.


Rabies is a fatal zoonosis, mainly transmitted through bites of dogs infected with rabies. The disease occurs in over 150 countries wide, with over one third of victims (25,000) in India, in particular in children. The disease is entirely preventable by vaccinating dogs and by a solid epidemiological approach.