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Volume 25(4), Winter 2015

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At the recent FECAVA Council meeting in Barcelona, a new Board was elected for the Federation. As incoming President, I see two major roles for FECAVA: representation and professional development. The meaning of ‘representation’ quickly became clear to me as my calendar rapidly filled up with meetings and events, while continuing professional development will remain FECAVA’s focus for the near future. EJCAP plays a very important part in this as FECAVA’s valuable tribune of education and communication.

Recently, I gave a lecture at the Veterinary Dental Forum (USA) about systemic diseases with an oral manifestation - showing that almost every systemic disease has potential links to the oral cavity, either as a site of complications or one of initial clinical signs. This reminds us that our patients should always be treated as a whole, and that, regardless of the major complaint, clinical assessment of entire body is mandatory.

Europe is fascinating compared to other continents. You do not need to go far to experience a very different culture, cuisine, language, climate or tradition. Yet the veterinary profession remains the same. From Trondheim to Athens, Dublin to Yerevan we all share the same goal - to provide the best possible service to our patients through education. May EJCAP help you to achieve this goal.


Jerzy Gawor

FECAVA president



Jerzy Gawor


FECAVA president



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