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Volume 25(3), Autumn 2015

Veterinary Apps

In this special feline issue, we would like to present a few feline-only apps.

If you have a favourite app you would like to share or if you have developed one yourself, send a message to the EJCAP.

Preference will be give to practical veterinary apps that can be used by vets throughout Europe.


Paint for cats is the world's best painting app... for cats! Entertain your feline patients and their owners in the waiting room and provide them with a printout upon leaving at reception! Choose a colour pattern then let the cat ‘paint’ by touching the screen while chasing a virtual mouse. Hilarious!

By: Little Hiccup

For: cats only

Advantages: entertain your feline patients (and clients)

Inconveniences: you may need a tablet in the waiting room

Platform: iOS

Cost: $ 1.99

Paint for cats

By: Natasha Mitchell MVB DVOphthal MRCVS

For: students and veterinary surgeons with an interest in ophthalmology

Advantages: great pictures

Inconveniences: available on iOS only

Platform: iOS

Cost: $ 24.99

Feline ophthalmology is an essential reference tool for small animal veterinarians and veterinary students alike. It contains over 190 first class, labelled examples of feline eye disease. All of the pictures are on the phone or iPad and no internet connection is required after the first use. A complete guide to examination of the feline eye is included in the app. Regularly updated with superb quality, unlimited illustrations

Feline ophthalmology

By: Prof. Dr. Cordula Poulsen Nautrup (Munich)

For: students and veterinary surgeons with an interest in cardiology

Advantages: great for teaching!

Inconveniences: -

Platform: iOS, android

Cost: $ 19.99-21.00


Cat heart interactive makes the complex form, structure and functioning of the heart easily comprehensible and intelligible. Nine different virtual cross sections allow a glimpse at the inner workings of the beating feline heart. More than 50 anatomic features in the heart can be highlighted/isolated for closer examination along with their Latin and English names.


Cat heart interactive