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Fundus examination is a valuable component of the clinical examination and is specifically helpful in identifying elderly patients with systemic hypertension.


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Thyroid check


A goitre should not be present in a healthy cat. Where present, goitre may indicate presence of hyperthyroidism.

To palpate for a goitre the clinician can stand behind the cat or in front of it. ...


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Over recent decades, the lifespan of cats has increased dramatically and where it was once considered normal for a domestic shorthair cat to have an expected lifespan of 12-14 years, now 18-20 years seems more appropriate. This improved longevity is likely to be due to a variety of factors including improved diet and healthcare of cats and it is certainly true that much current research is focused on old cat illnesses, such as those discussed elsewhere in this issue. Effective preventive healthcare, as discussed in this article, facilitates prompt diagnosis and appropriate interventions benefitting the cat’s quality (and potentially length) of life as well as the human-pet bond.





Which are common health problems in the elderly cat?

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Blood pressure


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by Sarah Caney

Management of the elderly cat

Volume 25(3), Autumn 2015

Commissioned paper