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Volume 25(3), Autumn 2015

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I hope this find you well rested after your summer vacations and ready to learn about new concepts in Feline Medicine. This special issue offers a step-by-step path through the most relevant topics in Feline Geriatrics.

It’s been a great pleasure to contact all the authors and find them ready to write their papers, and I’d like to thank them all very much.

The first paper, authored by Sarah Caney, serves as an introductory guide. This issue also provides excellent information about the main conditions in elderly cats: kidney disease, lymphoma, IBD and diabetes mellitus, offering you both practical information but also containing relevant tips on blood pressure measurement and feline behaviour. Regarding behavioural problems in elderly cats there is no doubt that the papers on increased vocalisation and environmental enrichment for cats with OA, will help you to find the right answer to such a common complaint in feline geriatrics.

I would like to end this short editorial quoting Jean Holzworth, a pioneer in Feline Medicine, who started her book as it follows: “Passionate cat lovers are legion, but very few are lucky enough to make cats their life work. I am one of these, and this book is, above all, for cat lovers”.

I hope you will join me with this same feeling after reading this EJCAP Feline Special Issue.






Diego Esteban Saltiveri

DVM, Acre. AVEPA Med Fel

(Barcelona, Spain)


Guest Editor

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Environmental enrichment for cats with OA

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Role of Retroviruses in Feline Lymphoma

Increased vocalisation in elderly cats

Management of the elderly cat