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Volume 25(2), Summer 2015

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Chemotherapy: impact on the GI tract

Gastrointestinal toxicity after vincristine or cyclophosphamide administered with or without maropitant in dogs: a prospective randomised controlled study

by Sarah Mason, Iain A. Grant, James Elliott, Peter Cripps and Laura Blackwood

Measuring side effects


In the study, side effects were measured using an objective scoring system, based on the Veterinary Co-operative Oncology Group Criteria for Adverse Events document (VCOG 2011). ...

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No significant difference


There was no significant difference in gastrointestinal adverse effects in dogs ...

Objectives: To assess the prevalence of gastrointestinal toxicity in dogs receiving chemotherapy with vincristine and cyclophosphamide and the efficacy of maropitant citrate (CereniaTM, Zoetis) in reducing

these events.

Methods: Dogs receiving chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide or vincristine were randomised to either receive maropitant or not in the period immediately after treatment and for 4 days afterwards. Owners

completed a diary of adverse events following treatment. ...

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