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Objective: To evaluate curettage and diathermy as a treatment for actinic dysplasia and superficial squamous cell carcinoma of the feline nasal planum.

Methods: Thirty-four cats clinically assessed to have actinic dysplasia and superficial squamous cell carcinoma involving less than 50% of the nasal planum were treated with a three-cycle curettage and diathermy procedure. Degree of dysplasia, response to treatment, adverse effects, owner perceptions, time to recurrence and proportion disease free at 1 year were evaluated.


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Before & after


Sequence of pre-operative and post-operative photographs of the nasal planum of a cat with squamous cellcarcinoma of the nasal planum treated with curettage and diathermy.

by Robyn H. Jarrett, Elizabeth J. Norman, Isobel R. Gibson and Paul Jarrett

Quick and easy


This video shows the relatively simple technique of curettage and diathermy on a cat with a superficial squamous cell carcinoma on the nasal planum.


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Excellent results


Curettage and diathermy to treat feline actinic nasal lesions resulted in a 94% non-recurrence rate at 12 months after a single treatment.


Treating nasal tumours in cats

Curettage and diathermy: a treatment for feline nasal planum actinic dysplasia and superficial squamous cell carcinoma

Volume 25(2), Summer 2015

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