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Volume 25(2), Summer 2015

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Geriatric feline medicine

Endocrine hypertension, increased vocalisation, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis – this year’s special issue focuses on geriatric diseases in cats, to be published this autumn.

Our guest Editor is Diego Esteban Saltiveri, a cat-only practitioner from Spain.

EJCAP wishes its readers a very enjoyable summer break!

Other authors of this star-studded issue include Katrin Hartmann (feline lymphoma), Yaiza Forcada (home monitoring of diabetic cats), Beate Egner (endocrine hypertension), Sina Marsilio and Jörg Steiner (feline chronic enteropathies) and Vicky Halls (environmental enrichment of cats with osteoarthritis).

Increased vocalisation


Danielle Gunn-Moore (UK) discusses the causes of increased vocalisation in geriatric cats.

Chronic kidney disease


Dominique Paepe (Belgium) will provide updates on the management of chronic kidney disease.

Old cat care


Sarah Caney (UK)

gives tips and advice on general geriatric care of our elderly feline patients.