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Practical bone marrow cytology

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Laboratory evaluation and interpretation of haemostasis in small animals

Chemotherapy: impact on the GI tract

Gastrointestinal toxicity after vincristine or cyclophosphamide administered with or without maropitant in dogs: a prospective randomised controlled study

Glucose measurement using portable blood glucose meters in dogs and cats

Treating nasal tumours in cats

Curettage and diathermy: a treatment for feline nasal planum actinic dysplasia and superficial squamous cell carcinoma

Pets & zoonoses

The CALLISTO project approach to prioritising efforts on the control

of pet-related zoonotic diseases


There were many world-changing events 25 years ago. Nelson Mandela was liberated, East and West Germany were reunited, the first Mac Donald’s opened in Moscow and J. K. Rowling got the idea for Harry Potter. It was also the year that FECAVA was founded.

Since then, a lot has happened. FECAVA now successfully runs CE projects in emerging countries as well as a yearly congress, is involved in nurse education and has its very own journal (the one you’re reading), which went online in 2012. It also has many active working groups: the posters on the prudent use of antimicrobials by the FECAVA hygiene working have been translated in many languages, including requests from India, China and Japan.

We have also come to represent the European companion animal practitioner and work closely together with the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, the Union of European Veterinary Practitioners and our global sister organisation, the WSAVA. We are a growing family, and welcomed our 40th member Armenia this April.

Because, ultimately FECAVA is us, European companion animal veterinarians. Together, we are stronger, more efficient and have more fun! To quote Didier Carlotti, founding father and first president of FECAVA “there is a need for companion animal associations to work together in Europe”.


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President of FECAVA

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Volume 25(2), Summer 2015