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Volume 25(1), Spring 2015

Book Reviews

Rapid review of ECG interpretation

in small animal practice


By Mark A. Oyama, Marc S. Kraus

and Anna R. Gelzer


Published by CRC Press, December 2013


96 pages, paperback

ISBN 978-1-8407-6198-6



Click here to read the book review

by Nicole Van Israël

Small Animal Anesthesia Techniques


By Amanda Shelby and Carolyn McKune


Published by Wiley Blackwell, March 2014


332 pages, paperback

Also available as E-book (and E-text)

ISBN 978-1-1184-2804-7



Click here to read the book review by Fernando Martinez Taboada


Biology and Diseases

of the Ferret, 3rd Edition


Edited by James G. Fox and Robert P. Marini


Published by Wiley Blackwell, May 2014


835 pages, hardcover (also exists as E-book)

ISBN 978-0-4709-6045-5

£93.99/€112.80 (E-book £79.99/€99.99)


Click here to read the book review

by Yvonne van Zeeland and Nico Schoemaker