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Volume 25(1), Spring 2015

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Dear Colleagues,

FECAVA is going through turbulent times. We mourn the recent passing of three of its founding fathers, Didier Noël Carlotti (France), Jan Gajentaan (Netherlands) and Heinz Heinimann (Switzerland), as well as that of our much-loved past-president and Blue Dog activist Ray Butcher (UK). Their legacy to FECAVA is immense, and has helped turning it into a thriving, active 39-country strong federation spanning Europe from Dublin to Tiblisi and from Lisbon to Moscow.

The Federation, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this spring, connects fellow companion animal veterinarians throughout Europe with the same aim: improving and updating their professional knowledge.

This is done through CPD events such as our annual congress, of which the recent Euro Congress in Munich was an excellent example. And for those who could not attend, you will find the full proceedings in this issue, as well as an interactive paper from the FECAVA lecture and interviews with some of the FECAVA Symposium speakers in Munich, including Thomas Vahlenkamp and Mike Lappin.

Also in this issue: the first “How to…” papers and sound recordings from recent congress presentations – this time from the 2014 BSAVA congress, and the first veterinary app reviews.



Wolfgang Dohne

Secretary of FECAVA


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Book reviews

How to ...

Practice-oriented lectures from member congresses

The Colourful receptionist

Tips for training front office staff

Bloody diarrhoea: what exactly is going on?

Endoscopically visualized lesions, histologic findings and bacterial invasion in

the gastrointestinal mucosa of dogs with acute haemorrhagic diarrhoea syndrome

Dyspnoea in cats: is it the heart?

Differentiating between feline pleural effusions of cardiac and

non-cardiac origin using pleural fluid NT-proBNP concentrations

Perineal hernia -

is a staged approach best?

Influenza in cats and dogs -

Risk for humans?

Feline intestinal protozoa -

zoonotic importance or not?