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Volume 24(4), Winter 2014

Vaccination vs. antibiotic use

It may be more cost-effective to shift the current paradigm of rapid response to prevention of emergence at the source by understanding and mitigating the factors, or determinants, that influence animal infection.

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Breaches in the species barrier

The majority of emerging infectious diseases have their source in animals, and emergence occurs at the human/animal interface, when infections in animals breach the species barrier to infect humans.

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David Heymann



is better

than cure

Shifting the paradigm: from rapid detection and response to prevention at the source


Professor Bob Michell

Comparative Medicine:

an outstanding but still

underappreciated resource

for clinical progress


Good news and bad news

“The good news is the enthusiasm for collaboration between the medical and veterinary fraternities…”. However, although “vets seem to have an instinctive grasp of the importance of a comparative approach of disease”, the bad news is that “a lot of medics are almost special-creationists, taking the view that the supreme creation was humans and that other species are irrelevant.”

Are infection control policies fit for purpose?

AMR: an




A global problem

In 2014, researchers in Canada found carbapenem-resistant bacteria in a sample of frozen squid sold at a Chinese ...

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Dirk Pfeiffer