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Volume 24(3), Autumn 2014

Commissioned paper

Dog and cat socialisation: a sound

base for self-assured and friendly pets

by Joël Dehasse

Socialisation: the keys to success

To obtain a well-socialised pet, these are the rules to follow during the critical stages of pregnancy, nursing and early life.

Meet the aliens


Puppies should get a rewarding, positive social contact with different kinds of people (different age, clothing etc.).


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Hear, touch, smell

Puppies should get used to all the sensory stimuli from the environments they will live in as adults. ... ... read more

Curtain course

Oscillating board

Basin Balls



Parent or adult dogs have to teach puppies how to immobilize (freeze) when in conflict with others: freezing will stop the interaction, before or during the interaction, preventing aggression and injuries. ...

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Socialisation is a unique learning process that enables young animals to better adapt to their future adult social habitat. Behind this apparent behavioural process is a neurologic structuration of the brain and enhancement of the mind.