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Volume 24(3), Autumn 2014

This time in EJCAP Online:


Dear colleagues,


All vets are familiar with stress in the consulting room such as a ‘crazy’ cat climbing on the owner’s shoulder or a cornered, growling 50-kg Rottweiler waiting to charge... Nobody (including the pet) enjoys this situation, and it’s up to us to defuse it in order to perform a proper examination. How can we prevent our patient’s fear or at least calm everybody down?

We need to know more about the mental development of our patients - and understand how they react in stress situations. We also need know how to approach them in a calm and confident manner, to prevent excitement and fear. If we succeed, we will not only help our patients, but also increase the chance of seeing them again in our practice.

This special issue features papers by leading veterinary behaviourists providing up-to-date, evidence-based information. You will find papers on low-stress handling as well as some of the most common behavioural problems seen in general practice. The online presentation also includes videos, which are of particular importance in behavioural medicine.


I hope you’ll enjoy reading (and viewing!) it – for the benefit of your patients, clients and practice.

Miloš Urban

EJCAP guest editor


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