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Volume 24(2), Summer 2014

Commissioned paper

External fixation

Treating dogs with tibial shaft fractures using the transosseous osteosynthesis method according to Ilizarov


Ilizarov: who?

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by Natalia A. Kononovich, Natalia V. Petrovskaia, Vitaly V. Krasnov

Choosing the best angle

The positions recommended to insert mutually crossed K-wires through the tibia.

Tibial anatomy


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Flexibility maintained

If the terminal pairs of K-wires are inserted properly, a full range of flexion and extension of the stifle and the hock joints is possible.

The Ilizarov fixator


The Ilizarov fixator design, and the pattern of K-wire insertion through tibial fragments depending on fracture localisation.


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The authors present an anatomically substantiated technology for treating dogs with tibial fractures using the method of transosseous osteosynthesis according to Ilizarov; the technology provides recovery of the involved structures within relatively short periods of time.


Key words: fracture, tibia, circular external skeletal fixation, dog.