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Volume 24(2), Summer 2014

Commissioned paper

Crystalloids vs. Colloids:

Controversies in fluid therapy

by Giacomo Stanzani, Daniel Chan

Hypoperfusion or dehydration?

Be sure to differentiate hypoperfusion from dehydration via clinical signs.

Current evidence in human medicine suggests

that the use of colloids over crystalloids carries very little benefit, with the potential of significant side effects associated with the use of synthetic colloids. Experimental veterinary studies show theoretical advantages of colloids, but these effects have not proven to be associated with an improvement in outcome.

Fluid therapy: considerations

Does the animal have a fluid deficit? Does the patient require a special type of fluid?


Click here for questions you should ask before hooking up the drip.


Water distribution

Distribution of total body water (TBW) within the body showing the proportion allocated into the intracellular and extracellular fluid compartments.


Vascular permeability

A major advancement in the understanding of fluid homeostasis has been made possible by ...

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Intravenous fluid therapy has become a ubiquitous intervention in both human and veterinary medicine. The field of fluid therapy is characterised by numerous controversies, and despite their widespread use, fluids should be considered as drugs, as their use is associated with potential side effects and complications. This paper will review the differences between crystalloids and colloids, ...

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