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Volume 24(2), Summer 2014


the first GeoSAVA Scientific Conference and to represent FECAVA was accepted by Jerzy Gawor, who reports here. ...


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A FECAVA visit to საქართველო (Georgia)


GeoSAVA became the newest member of FECAVA on 1st March 2014 and the same day, the Board received an invitation to visit the ‘new kid on the block’. The honour to participate at

New: WetLab criteria


At the Helsinki meeting, FECAVA Council adopted ten principles for the organisation of so-called WetLabs (practical training sessions) at their CPD events.

WetLabs should be clinically relevant, while the animals and/or material used should be sourced and handled in a legal and ethical manner – it is unacceptable that animals are euthanized for the sole purpose of ...

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VetCEE: Raising the quality of care

The veterinary profession has taken a huge step forward in ensuring the quality of continuing education programmes in Europe. With the establishment of VetCEE, veterinarians have paved ...

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FECAVA on zoonosis

Sneeze, lick, scratch, bite – and other ways to transmit diseases to people will be discussed at the FECAVA symposium on zoonosis, on Friday 7 November, at the occasion of the EuroCongress in Munich.

The organisers have put together a star-studded programme on zoonosis in relation with companion animals, including Mike Lappin (Fort Collins, USA) who will give an update on toxoplasmosis, feline intestinal protozoa and bartonella (cat scratch disease). Thomas Vahlenkamp (Leipzig, Germany) will discuss influenza in cats and dogs and their zoonotic potential, while Jane Sykes will give a presentation on canine (and feline!) leptospirosis.

Other highlights include a presentation on selected vector-borne diseases and the Callisto project by Gad Baneth (Israel) and a discussion about the need for rabies vaccination in pets by Uwe Truyen (Germany).

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Veterinary travels

Curious to see how your European colleagues run their clinic? Would you like to see for yourself and visit their practice? ...

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Stray dogs:

speaking out


Stray dogs are a huge problem in many countries, with dire consequences for the health and welfare of both animals and people, recalled Monique Megens, president of the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA), ...

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