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Volume 24(2), Summer 2014

This time in EJCAP Online:


Dear friends and colleagues,


Welcome back to EJCAP online, once again from my home country, the Netherlands.

It is nearly summer and soon some of your clients might go on holidays - with their pet. Are you up to date to advise them how to best avoid bringing back any unwanted souvenirs? Refreshen your mind with the excellent paper by Harvey Locke on travelling with pets.

I’m also delighted to present you with a paper on the Ilizarov technique, written by - of course - Russian authors! And do not miss out on any of the other top quality papers!

I look forward to meeting you all in Munich, venue of the 20th FECAVA EuroCongress and held in conjunction with the 60th Congress of the German Small Animal Veterinary Association (GSAVA). Speakers from all over Europe and overseas will present an exciting and state-of-the-art scientific programme.

In particular, I hope to see you on Friday 7 November, at the FECAVA symposium on zoonotic diseases, a ‘hot topic’ in most veterinary practices throughout Europe. Open borders are a challenge, but at the same time offer great opportunities to meet up with colleagues from across Europe - and what better place is there to meet than the Beer Capital of the World?


In the meantime, enjoy your journal!



Monique Megens


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