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Volume 24(1), Spring 2014

Reprint paper (NSAVA)

Mammary lumps: the impact of spaying


Effect of ovariohysterectomy at the time of tumour removal

in dogs with benign mammary tumours and hyperplastic

lesions: a randomised controlled clinical trial

by Veronica Kristiansen, Ane Nødtvedt, Anne Marie Breen, Marianne Langeland, Jon Teige, Michael Goldschmidt, Thora J. Jonasdottir, Tom Grotmol, Karin Sørenmo

Benefits of neutering

Ovariohysterectomy at the time of tumour removal significantly reduces the risk ...

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Long-term effect


The study lasted from February 2005 to May 2012. Although there was

a significant impact on the develop-ment of new tumours, there was no impact on ...

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Impact on new tumours

Ovariohysterectomy performed at the time of mammary tumour excision reduced the risk of new tumours by about 50% among dogs with non-malignant ...

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Non-malignant mammary tumours (NMT) are common in intact female dogs. Little is known about the clinical significance of these tumours, and the effect of ovariohysterectomy (OHE) on their development. ...


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