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Volume 24(1), Spring 2014

Commissioned paper

Diagnostic tests


A number of diagnostic tests may help determine the cause of feather abnormalities.


Faulty feathers


Plumage disorders in parrots can have multiple causes.


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Chronic form

Acute form

Psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD) is caused by a virus of the family Circoviridae and primarily affects juvenile and young adult parrot up to 3 years of age. Two syndromes are recognized, an acute and a chronic form.

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Beak and feather disease


Faulty feathers

Plumage disorders in psittacine birds –

part 1: feather abnormalities

by Yvonne van Zeeland and Nico Schoemaker

Wing feather repair

Primary wing feathers are essential for flight. If broken, they are best repaired using the imping technique. Here the author shows the repair of a primary wing feather in a bird of prey.

Plumage disorders in parrots represent one of the more common, but also one of the more challenging and frustrating problems that veterinarians dealing with parrots in their daily practice face on a day-to-day basis. Various types of plumage disorders may be identified, including stress marks, damaged or broken feathers, ...

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