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Global and European News


Focus on ... The Netherlands

Book reviews

Looking at kidneys (and beyond)

Gross pathology of the most common lesions in the urinary

tract of companion animals

Dysplastic elbow diseases in dogs

Liver tumours in pets

Diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline liver tumours:

a study of 40 cases

"They're not the henemy"

Poultry patients in companion animal practice

Treating dogs with IMHA

Evaluation of immunosuppressive regimens for immune-mediated

haemolytic anaemia: a retrospective study of 42 dogs

Uroliths in dogs

Results of infrared spectrophotometry analysis of 1131 canine

urinary stones, collected in France from 2007 to 2010

A practical approach to anaesthesia in reptiles

Heart patients and anaesthesia

Anaesthesia in dogs and cats with cardiac disease

– An impossible endeavour or a challenge with manageable risk?

Simon Orr

Dear friends and colleagues,


Welcome to the fifth issue of EJCAP online, now entering its second year! And a particularly warm welcome to our Russian colleagues who have joined our readership.

This time, our Editorial team has selected a variety of articles, ranging from health care in pet chickens to anaesthesia in reptiles. Surgically-inclined colleagues will enjoy the papers on elbow dysplasia and the safe anaesthesia of cardiac patients, but this issue also features papers on urinary calculi, liver tumours, kidney lesions and a treatment study of auto-immune haemolytic anaemia. As usual, learning is made fun: all articles are enriched with interactive slideshows, self-evaluation tests, printout reference tables and/or videos!

Also in this issue: a Focus on... the Netherlands. In a video interview, Ludo Hellebrekers, President of the Dutch veterinary association, describes how our veterinary colleagues in that country have successfully reduced antibiotic use in animals.

From Zaventem Airport in Brussels (see video below) I wish you an enjoyable read!



This time in EJCAP Online:


Volume 23-1, Spring 2013