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Volume 23-1, Spring 2013







Since January, FECAVA has a Facebook presence - have a look and post us you pictures, stories, comments and whatever you think might be of interest for Companion Animals and their Veterinarians in Europe.


European Pet

Night 2013

Celebrating Pets

that Change Lives


European Pet Night 2013 was held in the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels. The evening was co-hosted by Horst Schnellhardt MEP (Member of the European Parliament) and Maria Irigoyen MEP. This year’s topic was ‘Celebrating Pets that Change Lives’. Monique Megens, vice-president of FECAVA attended the annual event on behalf of FECAVA, ...

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Fundraising at the Svalbard Skimarathon


To make a somewhat more physical contribution to animal welfare, FECAVA Board Member Wolfgang Dohne is trying to raise funds to support two UK animal charities by taking part in the World’s most northern cross country ski race, the Svalbard Skimarathon on 27th April. The ski marathon runs through the frozen landscape near the town Longyearbyen which is covered in total darkness for most of winter.

Crosscountry skiing in Svalbard is normally only possible when being armed with a rifle, because of the high risk to meet a polar bear. “To prepare myself for this race in the UK - without any snow or cross country skiing track to speak of - I use an old, second-hand ski exerciser and rollerskies, which enable me to practice cross country skiing on tarmacked roads”, Wolfgang explains.

To familiarize himself with the climate (with temperatures of -20°C and less) he plans to go skiing at the end of March in Rondane, a mountain area in the South of Norway, with a backpack from mountain hut to mountain hut.

The two charities he supports with this effort are the Cinnamon Trust and Petsavers. “The Cinnamon Trust is helping elderly and terminal ill people to prepare a plan to look after their pets when they are no longer able to do so and by doing this they make it possible for these people to still own a pet, which in a lot of cases is their only or last companion. You can imagine how important this can be..... PetSavers is helping young veterinary surgeons to find better treatment options for the care of ill or injured companion animals to improve the clinical care of these patients. Obviously all of the money raised will go to one of these charitable causes and I am paying myself for everything relating to the ski marathon (flights, accommodation, registration, hospitalisation (if I’m not faster than the polar bears) and for my trusted pair of cross country skies....) and obviously for the training in Rondane as well. If you would like to support my fundraising efforts, you can make a donation for one or for both charities online on for the Cinnamon Trust or on for PetSavers.

For regular updates of Wolfgang’s preparations, please check his blog on the Fecava website


Callisto report identifies pet benefits – and pathogens


In January, Callisto published its first strategic report.

Based on the outcomes of the first conference of Callisto (companion animal multisectorial interprofessional and interdisciplinary strategic think tank ...

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